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 Choose the right garage door style

Choosing the right garage door style for your home shouldn’t be too complex. It should be a simple and easy decision to make on your part. After all, you’re well aware of what garage doors are and what purpose they serve. 

However, that’s not always the case. There are moments when it can be a time-consuming and even confusing process. And it’s not just you since others do experience having a hard time in deciding on the style of their garage doors as well. 

Needless to say, there are some considerations to make when it comes to choosing your home’s garage door style. It would be a mistake to just do anything without actually thinking it through very thoroughly. You’ll probably end up with the wrong match for your home and lifestyle if you do that.

What you can do is to look at all of the different factors that you need to consider. Look at them first before you make a decision, just so you know that you covered everything that you need to. So here it is then. Here’s how to choose the right garage door style for your home.


First, you’ll need to be clear about your needs. Define them, and the rest of the process will be easier. Are you getting a garage door because you want your home to look pretty, especially the facade? That qualifies as a specific need but it might not be the right one to base what garage door style you’re going to get. 

It’s crucial that you define your needs from the beginning and then make it the basis of your garage door selection process. To be specific, it should be about being able to provide the right combination of security, durability, accessibility, and aesthetics.


There are three different types of garage doors that you can choose from. They are the standard overhead doors, the classic style garage doors, and the carriage house doors. 

Standard Overhead Garage Doors

Standard overhead garage doors are the popular choice for a lot of structures. This type of garage door provides easy access through the use of remote openers. If you have an attached garage where it works as an extension of your home, then this is the garage door for you. They look great, especially when installed as a recessed door as it creates a frame-looking effect. Standard overhead garage doors are typically made from metal.

Classic Style Garage Doors

Classic style garage doors offer a more refined and polished-looking option for home and business owners. They usually come with glass windows and different casing shapes. This type of garage door is perfect for attached garages and can also be paired with outbuildings. You can get them in metal or in wood and they offer great security regardless of the material from which they’re made.

Carriage House Garage Doors

What’s the best option for you if your garage happens to be detached from the rest of your home? The answer is a carriage house garage door. This type of garage door opens outwards, similar to a barn door. Or you can have them modified so they can lift open as overhead doors do. Yet another option for them is to have them slide along an inside or outer wall. Their design is best suited to rustic and historic buildings and can be made from either metal or wood.

The above information should serve as your basic guide on how to choose the right garage door style for your home. If you remain unsure about choosing the right one, you can always call a professional garage door contractor as there are a number of experts located in Rockwall TX help you out. Visit us on Garage Door Repair in Rockwall TX.