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How to Troubleshoot Common Garage Door Problems

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Troubleshoot common garage door problems

Your garage door should run as smoothly as possible all the time. At least, that’s the ideal situation. After all, it’s one of the busiest and most used parts of your home, especially if you and your family go out and use your vehicles a lot.

Basically, you can’t afford for it to fail or get broken for an extended period of time. It can cause a lot of hassle, and also be time-consuming and quite costly. The trick is to know the small signs that might lead to bigger problems down the line. So if you can, you’ll need to troubleshoot it on your own.

How do you do it, though? Learning some tips on how to troubleshoot common garage door problems is a good start.

Check If The Opener is Plugged In

Check if the garage door’s opener is plugged in. This might seem like such a simple matter and it should be a part of the entire routine of making sure that the garage door is operational. However, it’s still important to check it out because the power cord can get loose at times and that can cause the door to stop working.

Check Out The Circuit Breaker

In connection with checking if the opener is plugged in check out the circuit breaker. Their connection is inevitable because the circuit breaker is what provides power to the garage door opener.

Keep in mind that even the smallest electrical surge can cause the circuit breaker to trip. Check the breaker panel to see if the breaker for your garage is not in the On position. If that’s the case, then flip the switch to the Off before flipping it to the On position once again. This will reset the breaker before it’s opened once more.

Try Resetting the Remote

You can also try resetting the remote. Do this when the door opens when you press the button on the control keypad that’s mounted on the wall, but not when you use the remote. 

To do it, you’ll require your owner’s manual since the procedure for this will likely vary from one manufacturer to the next. Still, this is an easy enough process that should result in getting the problem fixed.

Someone Might Have Locked the Door

Now someone might have locked the garage door. This might seem simple enough but it definitely happens. So you’ll need to consider looking into it as well and check if someone has locked the garage door from the inside by any chance. Checking it won’t take too long anyway so it’s definitely well worth doing it.

Make Sure the Photo-Eye is Clean

The photo-eye is for tracking objects that are in the path of the garage door. It’s situated four to eight inches above the floor within the garage door track. Once the photo eye senses something, it will signal the garage door to stop closing. 

The photo-eye is great as a safety feature as it can potentially save children and pets. However, if the photo eye is dirty it’s not going to let the garage door move in either direction. So better to always keep it clean by using a small, soft rag.

There you have it, some of the best tips on how to troubleshoot common garage door problems. It’s simple enough that you can do it all by yourself!

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How to Properly Maintain Your Wooden Garage Door

Garage Door Repair

Properly maintain your garage door

Looking for a garage door material that will add class and sophistication to your home? You can choose from several different options and one of the best ones is wooden garage doors.

A wooden garage door is certainly more classy and increases the overall aesthetic value of your home. It provides a certain old-school charm as well as warmth that few other materials could even hope to match.

However, just like any other garage door material, wooden garage doors need to be maintained properly. It needs it if you hope to have any chance of using and enjoying its excellent condition for a prolonged period of time.

To ensure that it works on your garage door, you need to make sure that you follow the right measures. The following tips are on how to properly maintain your wooden garage door.

Maintain Cleanliness of Your Garage Door

Maintaining the cleanliness of your garage door is important. First, it means a lot as far as ensuring it looks great is concerned. Aside from that, keeping your door clean will also guarantee that it’s easier to spot any damages that it might have.

It’s a good thing that cleaning your wooden garage door isn’t something that’s too complicated. All you’ll need to clean it is regular dish soap, water, a cloth, or a soft sponge. 

Using the cloth or soft sponge is effective in removing the dirt and the grime that had built upon the surface of the door. Clean the door carefully and thoroughly so that all of the dirt, dust, and grime are removed. Make sure that you don’t use an abrasive scrubber so you won’t take off the finish from the wood.

Inspect and Smoothen the Wood

You’ll need to conduct regular inspections of your wooden garage door so you can be sure that it’s not infested by pests such as termites. Imagine if those pests have actually eaten a chunk of your door but you’re unaware of it because they’ve done it from the inside! So that makes inspections actually crucial.

It’s not just the pests that you need to keep an eye out for as you also have to check if there are signs of rotting or damage. When it comes to damage, you need to be on the lookout for things like chipping or cracks. Both shouldn’t be much of a worry as they’re part of the natural process that wood goes through as they age.

Lubricate the Mechanisms

In case you forget, you need to remember to lubricate all of the mechanical parts of your garage door. Even though it’s a wooden door, it still has mechanisms that require lubrication. Putting the proper amount of oil to your garage door’s parts is one of the best ways to properly maintain your wooden garage door.

For example, if your garage door is making screeching sounds or is difficult to move, it might be time to oil those important parts. However, it’s also possible to overdo it and put too much oil or put some on those parts that don’t need it. To avoid this from happening, read the garage door manual’s directions on how to apply lubrication properly. Putting too much oil will result in dirt build-up later on and that can impact your door negatively.

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How to Choose the Right Garage Door Style for Your Home

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 Choose the right garage door style

Choosing the right garage door style for your home shouldn’t be too complex. It should be a simple and easy decision to make on your part. After all, you’re well aware of what garage doors are and what purpose they serve. 

However, that’s not always the case. There are moments when it can be a time-consuming and even confusing process. And it’s not just you since others do experience having a hard time in deciding on the style of their garage doors as well. 

Needless to say, there are some considerations to make when it comes to choosing your home’s garage door style. It would be a mistake to just do anything without actually thinking it through very thoroughly. You’ll probably end up with the wrong match for your home and lifestyle if you do that.

What you can do is to look at all of the different factors that you need to consider. Look at them first before you make a decision, just so you know that you covered everything that you need to. So here it is then. Here’s how to choose the right garage door style for your home.


First, you’ll need to be clear about your needs. Define them, and the rest of the process will be easier. Are you getting a garage door because you want your home to look pretty, especially the facade? That qualifies as a specific need but it might not be the right one to base what garage door style you’re going to get. 

It’s crucial that you define your needs from the beginning and then make it the basis of your garage door selection process. To be specific, it should be about being able to provide the right combination of security, durability, accessibility, and aesthetics.


There are three different types of garage doors that you can choose from. They are the standard overhead doors, the classic style garage doors, and the carriage house doors. 

Standard Overhead Garage Doors

Standard overhead garage doors are the popular choice for a lot of structures. This type of garage door provides easy access through the use of remote openers. If you have an attached garage where it works as an extension of your home, then this is the garage door for you. They look great, especially when installed as a recessed door as it creates a frame-looking effect. Standard overhead garage doors are typically made from metal.

Classic Style Garage Doors

Classic style garage doors offer a more refined and polished-looking option for home and business owners. They usually come with glass windows and different casing shapes. This type of garage door is perfect for attached garages and can also be paired with outbuildings. You can get them in metal or in wood and they offer great security regardless of the material from which they’re made.

Carriage House Garage Doors

What’s the best option for you if your garage happens to be detached from the rest of your home? The answer is a carriage house garage door. This type of garage door opens outwards, similar to a barn door. Or you can have them modified so they can lift open as overhead doors do. Yet another option for them is to have them slide along an inside or outer wall. Their design is best suited to rustic and historic buildings and can be made from either metal or wood.

The above information should serve as your basic guide on how to choose the right garage door style for your home. If you remain unsure about choosing the right one, you can always call a professional garage door contractor as there are a number of experts located in Rockwall TX help you out. Visit us on Garage Door Repair in Rockwall TX.

How to Choose the Most Thermal Efficient Garage Door

Most thermal efficient garage door

An energy-efficient home is what you consider to be the ideal home for today. Being energy efficient isn’t just some trend for you as you take it very seriously. There are just a ton of benefits to energy efficiency and it would be great if you could make it happen for your home.

One of the best ways to make your home energy-efficient is through a well-insulated garage door. By having a garage door that’s properly insulated, you can stabilize the temperature within your home. You’ll effectively reduce your energy bills and also help the environment through reduced energy waste at the same time.

The important thing is to realize that your garage door impacts the overall thermal efficiency of your home in a significant way. It’s usually the largest opening in a home so it can’t help but play an important role in its energy or thermal efficiency. Below you’ll learn how to choose the most thermal efficient garage door for your home.

About the R-Value

Enter the R-Value. This is what garage door manufacturers use to measure the insulation capability of a garage door. The higher the R-Value, the better the garage door is at insulation. Garage doors that are connected to homes need to have an R-Value that is no less than 10. So if you’re a homeowner, that’s what you need to look for.

You also might have to consider the U-Value of a door when you’re looking for a garage door that’s energy-efficient. The U-Value is the exact opposite of the R-Value. While the R-Value is for measuring the insulation capabilities of the garage door, the U-Value is the measure of the heat flow through the building material. You’ll be able to find out the measure of energy loss as well as heat flow with the help of the U-Value. Here we offer Garage Door Service Tarrant County TX.

The Right Garage Door Material

Part of choosing the most thermal efficient garage door is selecting the door with the right material. This is crucial since the type of material plays an important part in the overall energy efficiency of any home. The following are some of the types of garage door materials that are considered to be among the most thermal efficient options.

Steel – Steel is one of the most popular choices for garage door materials. There are plenty of good reasons why it’s the choice for many. For one it’s very durable and you can count on it to last for a long time. Another is that it looks great so you can count on it to add to your property’s aesthetic value. One thing about steel garage doors is that they offer much thermal efficiency on their own. However, there are options that have the sandwich construction featuring steel-polyurethane-steel, which offers better thermal efficiency.

Vinyl – Vinyl is known for its great looks and also for being very low maintenance. It’s also very durable and resistant to dents while also being capable of reducing exterior noise. A vinyl garage door offers tremendous thermal efficiency for homes.

Wood – For those who are looking for a certain kind of texture, wood is the garage door material for them. It also offers a certain classy look and feels that few other materials can match. As far as thermal efficiency is concerned, it offers little in that regard. However, the insulation is excellent as the R-Value is usually way beyond the minimum requirement of 10.

Garland Repair Tips for Garage Door Opener

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Tips for Garage Door Opener 

Garage doors are an important part of your home furnishing but unfortunately, most of the time they are left neglected whenever a renovation or repair of the household is undertaken. Hence a lot of people encountered malfunctions of the garage doors such as sticking or jammed doors, the unnecessary opening of the doors, or the garage doors not staying open.

As far as sticking or jammed doors are concerned, it is usually caused by deformed door frames and edges or channels through which the door slides. It can be easily fixed without much hassle and stress. Usually, with a simple toolkit of a hammer or mallet, a wrench, a few nuts and bolts, and a screwdriver, you can fix most of these malfunction problems by yourself. 

The unsteady or inconsistent opening and closing of the doors may be due to a depressed key in the opener switch or there might be some problem with your garage door opener circuit that can easily be fixed. But the serious problem arises is when some major part of your garage door develops a fault, for instance, the gears of the door opener. In such cases, a more complicated repair is required. Hopefully, the following steps would provide you with some valuable and useful insight about repairing and replacing the damaged gears in your garage door opener.

You would be able to know if the gear has broken off your garage door even though the motor is working properly and the torsion springs are intact. These gears, typically made of plastic, are among the weaker parts of the opener and can be broken due to some causes like old age, prolonged usage without maintenance, inequality or imbalance in the garage door, or maybe because of a manufacturing defect.

But, with a few common pieces of equipment and following the instructions accordingly, you can change these gears on your own.

First and foremost, you should unplug the electric supply to the garage door to avoid any chance of electrocution so that no one could operate the door while you are working on it. Next, you must close the door manually and take it out from the pulley to guarantee that the door will not hurt you accidentally while you are repairing it. Now you are ready to start fixing your garage door opener and replacing the gears.

The next step is that you need to open the retainer cap of the belt pulley and get the sprocket. Now you can remove the chain or belt from the sprocket after marking its position and tape it to stop it from getting twisted up and cluttered.

Then remove the end covers, the drive gear, the retaining clip, and the RPM sensor to disconnect from the motor. An assembly of nuts holds the motor to the shaft, you need to remove these nuts first. Once you have removed the motor from the driveshaft, you can remove the gear and replace it if necessary. Having replaced the gear, you need to start reassembling the entire system in the exact opposite manner. 

Contact your Garage Door Repair Grayson County TX Today.

Make sure and see to it that each part goes into the correct place to prevent any further problems with your garage door. Consequently, we understand that changing the worn-out gears is a bit more complicated. Hence, if you are not very confident about doing it yourself, you should call an expert and skilled garage door repair service to attend to your garage door problem.

Best Garage Doors for the Harsh Texas Climate

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 Best garage doors

Texas is known for a lot of awesome things but the climate is probably not one of them. It can be very unpredictable, changing from cool and mild one moment to burning hot in the next. And it can also get pretty harsh, which can be uncomfortable to both residents and non-residents alike.

Keeping it real about the weather in Texas you need to have it in mind when choosing a garage door. It would be such a waste to just get a garage door without putting too much thought into it. You’ll find that your garage door wouldn’t last that long and that you’ve wasted a fair amount of time and money for nothing.

As a resident of Texas, you’ll need to do a bit of research on the garage doors that are best suited to the Texas climate. Check out two of the best garage doors for the harsh Texas climate.


Fiberglass garage doors are also excellent choices for Texas homeowners. First of all, it is a very strong and durable material. It also possesses another quality that’s useful in garage doors and that’s scratch-resistant. 

A fiberglass garage door also requires very little maintenance, which is a plus for busy families that don’t have that much time. And unlike the usual steel doors that are commonly used in garages, fiberglass garage doors will not succumb to corrosion. 

As far as aesthetic quality goes, fiberglass garage doors also offer plenty of options. They come in various designs, finishes, and patterns that homeowners can choose from. It can be made to look like wood or other materials. All they have to do is to select the look that best fits the overall style of their homes.

Perhaps the one drawback of fiberglass garage doors is that they’re a more expensive option than the rest. But the benefits certainly outweigh this one disadvantage.


The second garage door option that is well suited to the harsh and quick-changing weather in Texas is the coated steel garage door. Upon learning of this option, there are some who might say that a garage door that’s made of steel might not be suited to a place where the weather can change quickly or is quite extreme.

What would make this a great choice is to make sure that you get a powder-coated steel door. This will ensure that it doesn’t crack any time it expands or contracts. If it’s a regular steel door, then expect it to expand during the hot months of the year and contract in the winter season.

The constant expansion and contraction will cause the steel door to crack and it can even allow moisture to enter. In turn, it will lead to rusting that could eventually destroy the door.

A powder-coated steel door will not encounter those problems and is almost guaranteed of lasting a long time. Everyone knows that steel is one of the toughest and strongest materials available and would be able to withstand all of the extreme weather and any sudden changes. It certainly qualifies as one of the best garage doors for the harsh Texas climate.

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Benefits of Weatherstripping Your Garage Door

garage door repair in Corinth

Weather-stripping your garage door

As much as possible, you want your garage door to be free from dirt, debris, and even water. A clean garage means that whatever you store in there – from your vehicles to any kind of appliances – will also remain clean and spotless.

However, there might come a time when you start noticing the presence of unwanted things in your garage. The things mentioned above plus other unwelcome items, like rodent droppings. You might wonder how those got in there when you’ve always maintained your garage well.

The answer will likely point to your garage door. It’s probably the source of the problem. A garage door comes with a seal at the bottom to help keep out everything that’s unnecessary. But the problem is that the seals can wear out after a while.

There are also cases when the driveway or the concrete floor will create significant gaps beneath the garage door. The problem is that standard seals won’t be sufficient to block or cover those gaps. 

So what’s the best option to seal the harsh elements out or insulate the inside of your garage properly? Weatherstripping is probably the best answer to that. What is it and what are its benefits? The following are some of the benefits of weatherstripping your garage door:

What is Weatherstripping?

But first, what is weatherstripping? It’s actually the process of sealing all of the openings around your garage door in order to help keep the weather out. Weatherstripping helps in increasing the level of comfort in homes, reducing noise, and lowering energy costs.

Benefits of Weatherstripping

Let’s now go to the benefits of weatherstripping. It actually serves more than one purpose. While it provides effective insulation to your garage and the rest of your home, it also serves as extra protection against flooding.

During the winter months, weatherstripping is going to help keep the rain and water out. It also serves to stabilize the internal temperature within homes. In the summer season, weatherstripping is instrumental for keeping the temperature inside cool.

When weatherstripping is done properly, it also minimizes the risk of losing energy. This is especially true if it’s done to the exterior part of the garage door. And it will serve as a proper compliment to a properly sealed door that connects the garage to a house’s main living area.

An additional benefit of weatherstripping is that it will prevent the scraping of the door on the surface of the concrete. This will delay the effects of wear and tear on both the garage door and the concrete floor. They’re not going to get worn out prematurely and will last for a long time.

One more important addition to the key benefits of weatherstripping your garage door is that it doesn’t cost much to do it. The same is true when the weatherstripping on your garage door already needs to be replaced with a new one.

There are certainly plenty of benefits to using weatherstripping on your garage door and every homeowner should take advantage of them. Contact your nearest Garage Door Repair in Corinth.

Top Benefits of Using an Insulated Garage Door

garage door repair in lantana

Benefits of using an insulated garage door

In the winter season, a homeowner’s top priority is to ensure that the home is comfortable for every member of the family. It’s a very real necessity, given how harsh the cold season can sometimes be. Every home, particularly its interior, should be as comfortable as possible.

One way to guarantee comfort inside homes is to keep the warm air in and the cold air out. That includes the garage, of course. There are a number of ways to do it, like using space heaters and also insulating the walls of the house. 

But you need to keep in mind that for that to work, you also need to insulate your garage door. Otherwise, it would be a futile attempt at keeping the warmth inside. What you’ll get instead is a lot of wasted energy and it will eventually result in a major loss of money on your part.

So getting your garage door insulated is absolutely essential. But what exactly are the advantages and benefits that you could get from it? Read on then to find out about the top benefits of using an insulated garage door.

Contact your nearest Garage door repair in lantana.

You Can Save More Energy

Saving energy is probably the number one benefit of using an insulated garage door. It’s important that there is an effective barrier between the interior of your home and the cold weather on the outside. 

An insulated garage door is capable of reducing the loss of heat by over 70 percent when compared to a non-insulated garage door. It’s most effective when the walls of the garage are also insulated. When your garage door is insulated, you’re assured that the warm air isn’t going to escape outside and save more energy.

A More Durable Option

An insulated garage door is also more durable. So you get a stronger and more durable option with an insulated door. They’re usually made of steel and are basically a sandwich construction that’s made of steel-polyurethane steel.

Also, a garage door that has a higher R-value, the better it is at insulation. So you should go for one that has a better or higher R-value for better thermal efficiency. The door is also more sturdy and resistant to getting damaged or dented.

Helps Reduce Noise and Vibration

In addition to the durability, an insulated garage door also helps in reducing noise and vibration. The insulation in the garage door is able to reduce at least most of the vibration and the noise from the street is also minimized.

This is a very practical benefit that is an advantage if you have a living space that’s right next to your garage door. Naturally, you wouldn’t want to be disturbed by the sound of the door when it opens and closes.

Protect Your Tools

The cold and freezing temperature can damage the tools and any other object that you’re storing inside your garage if it’s not properly insulated. They are likely to freeze and then crack and that can eventually lead to damage. 

If your garage door is properly insulated, then you don’t have to worry about your tools or appliances getting damaged. They can be safely stored in your garage and there would be no damage whatsoever.

Extend the Battery Life of Your Car

Another of the top benefits of using an insulated garage door is that it helps extend the battery life of your car. Since most batteries are at their best in temperatures that are between 30 and 90 degrees, the added warmth of your garage because of the insulation will do wonders for it. You’ll at least be assured that you won’t end up in a dead battery because of the extreme cold.

Finding The Most Excellent Commercial Garage Door Repair Services in Houston Texas

Commercial Garage Door Houston TX

Commercial Garage Door Repair Services in Houston TX

In the case of most homeowners and commercial properties in Houston, garages are considered an essential part of a house. Garages do not only store cars, but also are used as workshops, storage rooms, and other spaces for utility. If you have a garage door that is damaged or broken, it will be a problem damaged, or damaged garage doors can make your home unsecure.

The most frequent kinds of repairs for garage doors are spring replacement, Door Opener parts, rollers and rollers, and other things. If you’re in search of high garage door parts as well as the repair of your garage door in Houston You can pick from the wide range of garage door businesses with a wealth of experience. Houston garage door maintenance and installment service.

Garage doors are supposed to be the most important entry point for any residential or commercial structure. It is important to maintain it in a smooth state and free of the possibility of an accident. Proper installation, frequent repair, and maintenance are essential to ensure the safety and security that your doors are secure. If your garage doors aren’t maintained, the chance of accidents will get more likely, which could cause life-threatening injuries. So, it is not recommended to be damaged for a long duration, so prompt repairs and regular maintenance are advised.

The companies use safe and high-quality materials and products to fix residential and commercial garage doors within Houston. If you are experiencing any spring-related issues, a professional will provide you with the top assistance. The companies offer a full safety inspection of garage doors, replacement bolts that are defective, replacement of damaged bolts and nuts openers, lubrication for springs and rollers, and repair of springs.

The technicians of their company not only provide preventive maintenance for your door but also guarantee its smoothness quality, efficiency and safety to operate. They can also offer advice from experts that are crucial for residential and commercial garage door services, regardless of the brand or model. 

They provide top-quality products for a reasonable price. Additionally, their garage door parts come with a guarantee. 

They have qualified specialists who have been trained and are always prepared to handle the requirements of your garage doorway thanks to their friendly attitude and efficient assistance. 

Different providers offer special rates and pricing on various items for a brief period just. When you decide to select a business, be sure to go to their site to find out more details about the current deals.

Finding these garage door repair businesses in Texas is not a difficult job. The only thing to search for the repair solution suppliers on the internet and call them for their cost-effective and quality solutions. 

This will make people satisfied because everyone would like to appreciate their rationality to the heart. Thus, receiving greater benefits for less money makes people feel pleased and content.

The prominence of Residential and Commercial Garage Door Repair Services

Garage Door Services Austin TX

Commercial Garage Door Repair in Austin Texas

The garage door is believed to be the most important entry point to any commercial or residential structure. It is essential to ensure it is as smooth as you can always in order to minimize the risk of accidents. 

Regular inspections, maintenance, and inspections are essential to ensure security and safety in addition. A garage that is not properly maintained, increases the risk of accidents, which could cause life-threatening injuries. 

So, it is not recommended to be left unprotected over long durations and prompt consultation and routine maintenance are suggested.

Most commonly, the most popular kinds that require repair for garage doors include motor adjustments, removal of oil and dust broken torsion springs cable, broken cables bent panels, deformed motor trolleys, and damaged hinges and drums. 

Only a skilled technician will assess the overall state of the garage door and provide better repair and maintenance solutions to ensure seamless and effective operation. 

The majority of the time, technicians are able to bring your garage door or motor working with small adjustments following examination. 

They will take attention to garage door installation using replacement parts including sections, hardware tracks, openers, and all the equipment needed for the task.

Some of the most common Garage Door Service Provided through Garage Door Repair Experts are:

  1. Verifying the Door’s Balance
  2. Cleaning of dirt or dirt, oils, or grease on the tracks
  3. An extensive inspection of all components, including hinges, rollers and more.
  4. Adjustment and testing for the Torsion Springs
  5. Maintenance, repair, and lubrication of springs, rollers drums and hinges, and cables
  6. Check the Garage Door Motor
  7. Limit switch adjustment Checking the force adjustment, etc.

Regular inspection and maintenance of garage doors can make them strong, durable, and long-lasting. Both commercial and residential garage doors are susceptible to wear and tear and require attentive attention. 

Before they present a major threat to the everyday movement of residents or people, proper inspections must be scheduled to ensure complete security. 

Thus the regular maintenance, installation, and examination of garage doors are essential together with their essential parts comprising springs as well as drums, rollers hinges, struts, hinges, and cable to assure safe, secure operation.

A poorly-adjusted garage and the cables that go with it, tracks, door openers, or even an automated opener can put a heavy load on doors, which poses likely to pose a danger. Thus, choosing the correct garage door repair service is essential. 

The technicians of their company not only offer preventive maintenance for garage doors as well as ensure their top performance, efficiency, and security. 

They also provide expert advice and crucial services for a commercial or residential garage door regardless of type or brand.

Visit your Garage Door Repair Services in Austin Texas.

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